When Do Kids Start to Lose Their Teeth?

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The loss of a first baby tooth is an incredibly exciting milestone for your child. But when will it happen? Read on to learn when your family can expect the tooth fairy to come knocking.

Baby Teeth Basics

Milk teeth, temporary teeth, and primary teeth are all known as baby teeth. These are the first pair of teeth that all children have. They begin to emerge when a child is around the age of six months, and continue to grow in until about three years old. Baby teeth allow for the development of proper eating and speaking habits; they eventually fall out when your child’s jawbone grows larger and their permanent teeth are ready to come in.

Losing Their First Tooth

So, when will kids shed their first baby tooth? While it can vary, most kids start losing their teeth about six years old. Around that age, your little one will begin to feel one or more of their teeth start to become loose. Your child will no doubt be excited, anticipating the tooth fairy’s visit, and they’ll likely find wiggling the loose tooth to be irresistible. That’s perfectly OK–just encourage your child to be gentle and to wash their hands before touching their tooth.

Temporary to Permanent

In general, baby teeth tend to fall out in the same order that they grew in, usually starting with the lower and upper front incisors. Your child’s permanent teeth will soon begin to appear. This process varies, but by the age of 13 most kids will have 28 erupted teeth. Finally, wisdom teeth emerge between age 17-25, but many patients need them removed. (Check out our August blog post to learn more about these third molars!)

Family Dentistry at Elevate Smile Design

At our Spanaway dental office, we provide oral care for patients of all ages. It’s critical that your child starts seeing a dentist early, with their first checkup by their first birthday, and continues to do so regularly through childhood and adulthood. We’re here to help teach your child the importance of dental wellness, to keep their baby teeth healthy, and to make way for healthy permanent teeth.

We can help your entire family have superb oral health. Contact our team today to schedule your checkups and cleanings!

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