woman holding her jaw, experiencing jaw pain

Causes of Head & Jaw Pain

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There is no one specific cause of jaw pain, and some people experience a combination of factors that lead to their condition. Teeth or jaw misalignment, jaw injury, severely damaged or decayed teeth, teeth grinding and clenching, eruption of wisdom teeth, stress, arthritis, and genetics are all common causes of TMJ disorder.


I have suffered with TMJ disorder everyday for more than 5 years. At times I was unable to close my jaw without difficulty or pain, which made speaking, yawning, chewing, coughing a constant battle. Within that time, I tried many remedies suggested by my medical doctors, other dentists and even tried physical therapy. I stopped chewing gum and had a top mouthguard made for me but that only stopped the popping sound not the pain. The first significant help came from my new dentist – Dr. Mai who prescribed a muscle relaxer which eased my symptoms dramatically. She recommended Dr. Perlman, who specializes in TMJ problems. He gave me the most thorough exam and told me exactly why I had the problem. Since I started wearing the splint I have been pain-free and symptom-free. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Mai and Dr. Perlman as they were dedicated to finding a solution to my TMJ problem. I am sincerely grateful.
– Joanne B